Arab Journalism Award

Inspired by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum's vision, Dubai Press Club launched the Arab Journalism Award to recognise and encourage journalistic excellence in Arabic media.

Mohammed presents the Personality of the Year Award to Hamdy Kandeel   Mohammed presents a special award to Ohood Khalfan Al Roumi


  Mohammed bin Rashid in a group photo with the AJA panel  

On May 15, 2013, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum attended the ceremony for the Arab Journalism Awards 2012.

- Media Personality of the Year Award: Hamdy Kandeel, Egyptian TV and Radio presenter, lecturer,  diplomat and a political activist, head of the Arab States Broadcasting Union and chief of UNESCO's Division for Free Flow of Information and Communication Policies

- Best Newspaper Column Award: the Lebanese columnist Hazem Saghieh, the Lebanese  “Al Safeer” and “Al Hayat” newspapers

- Investigative Reporting Award: Abdul Wahab Aleiwa, the Egyptian Al Wafd Newspaper

- Political Journalism Award: Othman Lehyani, Algerian “Al Khabar” Newspaper

- Economic Journalism Award: Khalid Al Biheiri,  the Omani “AL RU'YA” Newspaper

- Humanitarian Journalism Award: Hanan Khunduqji, the Jordanian “Al Ghad” Newspaper

- Sport Journalism Award: Amin Al Dobali, UAE’s “ Al Ittihad” Newspaper

- Press Interviews Journalism Award: Nidal Hamdan, UAE’s “Al Bayan” Newspaper

- Specialized Journalism Award:  Rasha Abu Zaki, the Lebanese “ Al Akhbar” Newspaper

- Best Picture Award:  Alaa’ Badarneh, European News Agency

- Outstanding Cartoon Works  Award:  cartoonist Raed Khalil, the Syrian Caricature Magazine

- Young Journalist Awards: Newspapers and Esmahan Al Ghamedi- Al Riyadh Newspaper, Saudi Huda Baroud- Falasteen Newspaper, Haitham Mahjoub- Al Akhbar and Al Masri Al Youm Arabia


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